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Journey to Carmen’s Spain through the music of Bizet, de Falla, Albéniz, Tarrega newly and creatively arranged for two guitars, flute and voice.

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CarmenCo is an ensemble comprising Emily Andrews, flautist/mezzo; David Massey & Francisco Correa, guitars. Exploiting the rich textures and varied instrumentation available to us with two guitars and voice or flute, as well as our love of arranging music, we have developed a truly unique programme of Spanish and Spanish-inspired music, centered around but not limited to music from Bizet’s opera Carmen.

The trio performs this repertoire in two contexts: a concert version (also called CarmenCo) which follows closely the story of Bizet’s Carmen; and as the musical element of “Creating Carmen”, a concert/play written by Clare Norburn about Prosper Mérimée, touring in 2019-21 with support from Arts Council England.

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Track List

1. Aragonaise from Carmen (Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars)
2. Entr’acte from Carmen (Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars)
3. Spanish Dance no. 1 from La Vida Breve (Arr. for Guitar Duo)
4. Habanera from Carmen (Arr. for Voice and Two Guitars)
5. Córdoba, Op. 232, No. 4 (Arr.for Guitar Duo)
6. Les Toreadors from Carmen (Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars)
7. Nana de Sevilla (Arr. for Voice and Guitar)
8. El Paño Moruno (Arr. for Voice and Guitar)
9. Mallorca, Op 202 (Arr. for Guitar)
10. Passacalle from Musica Notturna Delle Strade di Madrid, Op. 30 No. 6 (G. 324) [Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars]
11. Seguidilla from Carmen (Arr. for Voice and Two Guitars)
12. Danza Ritual del Fuego from El Amor Brujo (Arr. for Guitar Duo)
13. Pièce en forme de Habanera (Arr. for Flute and Guitar)
14. Les filles de Cadix (Arr. for Voice and Guitar)
15. Recuerdos de la Alhambra
16. Card Aria from Carmen “En vain pour Eviter…” (Arr. for Voice, Flute and Two Guitars)
17. Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen (Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars)